Swamp Adventure™

Just add water, and watch the Grow-it! Instant Swamp, Grow...Grow...Grow!

When the swamp starts drying out, just add more water! Play with it over and over.

Travel through the swamp land with mysterious creatures all around!

Includes 10" x 10" x 2" play tray, 20" x 20" no mess play mat, Grow-it! Instant Swamp, trolling boat, feerless fisherman, fishing pole, swamp shovel, swamp rake, tropical tree, two ferious fish, two hungry crocs, mystery bones, and easy Grow-it! activation instructions.

Product is safe and non-toxic.

Click here for the Grow-It! activation instructions

Item # 41030
Ages: 4 & up

Grow-it: Swamp Adventure